About Us

sarahHello!…..my name is Sarah and I am the founder and manager of the Upsa-Daisy Day Nursery.

We have designed Upsa-Daisy’s interior to give the children in our care a stimulating and fun environment. We aim to make all children safe and comfortable from the moment they arrive to the time they go home.We have four individual rooms:

• Buttercup – Baby room
• Daisy – Toddler room
• Poppy – Toddler room
• Bluebell – Pre-school room

All rooms have areas for active play, relaxing, sleeping and eating.
Our pre-school area has a multisensory room, which is used for all age groups.
Our large garden play area is full of exciting sensory stimulation.

The Nursery Staff at Upsa-Daisy plan play activities and experiences that help each child make progress in their development and learning. Young children need a wide range of different experiences and will acquire a broad range of skills and interests. We provide a well planned and resourced curriculum to take their learning forward and we provide opportunities for all children to succeed in an atmosphere of care and of feeling valued.

We keep you informed everyday!
At the end of each day a daily report is given to every parent detailing the activities their child has participated in, what they have eaten, drunk, when they have slept etc. Regular meetings are held with parents and keyworkers to discuss childrens progress. Parents are always welcome to come into Nursery at any time.