Being Healthy

Healthy meals

All food is freshly prepared on the premises by our own qualified cook.

We provide well-balanced meals, including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and take care to provide all children with vitamins and minerals.
Special dietary requirements will be accommodated, please discuss that with the Nursery Manager.

To ensure that babies’ milk is the same as they have at home, we ask that a sufficient number of prepared bottles with formula milk be brought in, which we keep in our milk room until needed. We also take account of your child’s preferences regarding milk temperature.

Fresh filtered drinking water will be available to children at all times.

Meal times at Upsa-Daisy are a good opportunity for children to socialise
and learn social skills, such as passing and sharing food. These times are fun and enjoyable.

Children are more likely to eat when they feel happy and relaxed. The way the food is served and presented is important. We present food in a variety of ways to encourage children to enjoy meal times.

Mini Marine Tots

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HEY Scheme

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